We're a Collingwood Digital Marketing Company That's Passionate About Growing Your Business

We build websites with  sales systems and growth tools to drive and support your business and marketing goals.

A highly specialized and experienced team.

As a boutique agency, we carefully select our clients to ensure that we can make the most impact. This enables us to focus a lot of attention and energy on the clients we serve, and we measure our success by the success of our clients.

Clients often choose to work with us because they value working closely with experienced professionals rather than junior team members or account managers.

Leadership Team

We conduct most of our meetings online using zoom, google meet and other meeting platforms. If you prefer an in-person meeting, don’t hesitate to ask!

At Collingwood Creative, we value each and every one of our clients and strive to deliver our best work for them. You won’t be treated as just a number, budget or campaign – you’ll be a valued client who we are committed to providing exceptional service too.

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Daniel Arteaga

Founder & Team Lead

Stephanie L

Managing Editor
Team member Amy

Amy B

Social Media & Content Strategist

We Thrive On Your Success.

Our business growth comes from clients who are happy to work with us. That’s why we put in more than 100% effort in every project we take on. What does that mean? It means being there for you when you need us, helping you achieve your business objectives, being mindful of your budget, and delivering measurable results that generate a positive return on investment.
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Tired of trying to figure all this tech out on your own?

Collingwood Creative is the business extension you need.

Our passion for marketing and digital technology is unmatched. When you partner Collingwood Creative, you gain access to a team that is enthusiastic about achieving results and mastering the latest tools, strategies, and technologies. Training and hiring an internal team to gain the necessary skills and experience can be expensive. Hiring a large agency can also result in subpar results. With Collingwood Creative, you get the desired results, the skills you require, and the support of a responsive and compassionate team.

Clear and Transparent Reporting

We don’t believe in confusing our clients with complex reports or oversimplifying them to the point of irrelevance. With Collingwood Creative, you can trust that our reporting is 100% transparent and easy to understand, focusing on the metrics that are most important to you. You’ll never have to wonder about the value you’re getting from our campaigns.

We Focus On Metrics That Matters: ROI

We prioritize what matters most – conversions, return on investment, revenue, and profit – instead of measuring our work based on clicks, traffic, followers, or other metrics that don’t necessarily lead to business growth.

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